Angie’s Story

Thanks to Facebook, my old band Seeing Red and I got back together for a reunion gig in 2011.  

We had a brilliant time and even wrote a couple of new songs, thinking perhaps we could write a concept album or something, but alas in the summer of 2012 I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.  Guitarist  Steve then suggested that if I wanted to write my own stuff he would record it.  A legacy album for my girls? Definitely.

So through chemo and 5 hour drives to Arisaig, and putting Julia, Ray and Catherine on B&B duty, finally the solo album is almost here.

Butterfly is a collection of songs written to celebrate life, love and things I’ve wanted to say and I hope there will be at least one song in there that either touches your heart or inspires you.

For my family and friends, this album is a thank you for the love and support you’ve given; a little way of saying you’re special and always will be.

I hope you enjoy.  Angie xx"

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